Does Virtual Reality Sex Feel Like The Real Thing?

Does Virtual Reality Sex Feel Like The Real Thing?

When people hear about virtual reality sex, they tend to become curious. Each person has different questions about it, depending on how they feel towards the subject. Those who have watched porn before, may be more incline to try it than others. Still, most often wonder what does virtual reality sex feel like? More importantly, does it feel like the real thing?

First of all, unless you have a haptic suit or other VR gear, you won’t really feel anything. Different VR gear on the market are used to render actual feelings and sensations. So for those who want to get the full feeling reality sex experience, using extra VR gear may be required. However, this does not apply to what you will see once you enter the world of VR porn. The minute you try on VR gear, you will become immersed in a virtual reality universe. After all, the entire premise behind VR porn is to provide people with an illusion. The vivid illusion becomes so real, that the notion of having sex becomes believable.

When the user tries on a VR gear headset, they will see what appears to be realistic characters in front of them. What actually happens in the VR porn video, largely depends on the category you choose. Or the type of VR porn film you select. Once you look down though, there will be a body you will see. In the VR world, that body will supposed to be you. This is done so you will feel as if you are actually in the video. Whatever sex act the participants are doing, will be centered around you.

Although you may know in your mind that the person’s body you see is not yours, it does not change what you will think. Mentally, you will believe that the body is yours. In turn, you end up becoming immersed in the VR porn video. So much so that your mind may begin to ‘feel’ as if you are part of it. Moreover, as if you are actually there taking part in what is happening before your eyes.

All of these things are part of the reason so many think that they actual feel virtual reality sex. Of course those who have the right VR gear can get actual sensations and feelings of being touched. In fact, there are new VR kits which are being used to simulate sex. Some of these toys go on your penis or vagina. The sexual stimulators are combined along with the VR porn story you are watching. What you get in return is something that works on all sides of you. Your visual aspect will be aroused via the virtual reality sex acts or scenes. Additionally, your emotional side will also be stimulated as you become enthralled mentally in what is taking place. Lastly, you will feel the virtual reality sex in your private parts and/or your body. The last part depending on what type of VR gear you have on.

Exactly how real the virtual reality sex feels to a person varies. For the most part, if allow yourself to be mentally entrenched, it can be mind-blowing. The entire process could be something you will instantly feel drawn to. Most people who try looking at virtual reality porn videos, are immediately captivated. The realistic aspect of it is something that simply takes your breath away. It’s almost like being inside the porn movie you are watching. All of this is made possible by the way the VR porn videos are filmed. The technology used is different since the cameras record using 360 degrees angles. That renders optical illusions to the viewer that he or she is there within the movie.


The majority of VR porn videos are made with 180-degree POV. This is done so you can feel as if you are actually having VR sex. The reality is people who are having sex mostly look towards the front of them. Or whatever is in front of their eyes. Whichever female or male body is put in front of you, it will render the illusion he or she is there for you and with you. The hot porn actress may play with her big tits as she dances in front of you. Perhaps she will open her legs and invite you to her love box.

For now, virtual reality sex cannot take the place of real sex. That’s because no one really knows what the future holds since the technology is still advancing. What is known is that for those who cannot or do not want to have real sex, they have options. It is the same way viewing traditional porn provides a way out via masturbation. The big difference is that with the right VR gear, it can all seem more realistic. Plus, it can feel completely genuine as well.